goldberg varvara

cd varvara - goldberg variations

The Goldberg Variations, written by Johann Sebastian Bach around 1740 at the height of his maturity, are a prodigy of compositional technique and a true monument of musical architecture that constitute the fourth book of his keyboard exercises.

In this edition, the Russian pianist Varvara offers us the personal reading of Johann Sebastian Bach's iconic work recorded live in an intimate recital in front of the audience of the Romanesque church of the Monastery of Santa Maria de Cervià de Ter (Girona).

Varvara performs the set of variations in its full form with all the repetitions, remaining faithful to the score and resulting in a recording extending over two CDs.

Born in Moscow, Varvara Nepomnyaschaya was formed at the Gnessin Music School and the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory in Moscow with Mikhail Voskressensky and later in Hamburg with Evgeny Koroliov. In 2006 she was awarded the Bach International Competition in Leipzig and in 2012 she won the First Prize of the Géza Anda Competition in Zurich.

carmina burana

dvd carmina burana - la fura dels baus

Live recording of the international success of La Fura dels Baus. This Carmina Burana’s Production by Carl Orff has become a classic on the international scene, presented all over Europe, Asia and America and has the honor of being the most performed show in the Fura dels Baus’ history.

The Wheel of Fortune, represented by an eight meters diameter cylinder, overviews the stage where more than 60 artists including orchestra, chorus, singers and dancers will make us enjoy the powerful music of Carl Orff.

A giant moon, the thaw, a floral ecstasy, a live harvest, the taverns, singers hanging from cranes and submerged in wine, water and fire... this is the Carmina Burana of La Fura dels Baus.

Recorded on March 22nd 2016 at Teatre Tívoli, Barcelona.

Varvara Haendel

cd varvara - händel

In this recording Varvara interprets the suites 4, 5 and 7 of the "Eight Great Suites", structured in French-style contrasted dances, which Händel composed after settled permanently in London and founded the Royal Academy of Music, an institution where he would triumph as an opera composer.

Varvara also plays Händel's suites for harpsichord, authentic musical gems in small format that encapsulate the European music of the moment, with a natural synthesis of German, French, Italian and Spanish music.