Ibercamera Jove


People under 29 enjoy a series of advantages to buy tickets or subscriptions for the season concerts for only €7,3


The discounts available on ticket purchases are:

  • People under 26 has a 15% discount on ticket purchases. 
  • The owners of the "Targeta Girona Cultura 16-26 anys", have a special price of 3 €. Limited tickets.


If you are under 29, you can enjoy the whole season for €7,3 each performance.​

Booking period:

  • Subscriptions will be available on Wednesday 13 September. The subscription will be renewed to the current subscribers, except for those that indicate otherwise before October 15th, 2018.


  • Young Ibercamera subscription: €44 (6 concerts)
  • Young Chamber music subscription: €20 (4 concerts)
  • Young Premium subscription: €64 (10 concerts)


  • The subscription has a lower price than the tickets.
  • Access to exclusive promotions during the season.
  • Receive our latest news and keep up to date with our activities.


  • Limited number of tickets available.
  • Personal subscription: There is the possibility to share your subscription with another young person if you are unable to attend to a performance. Please, for more information contact Ibercamera.
  • These subscriptions cannot be paid by installments. Cash, credit card, bank transfer or standing order payment methods are accepted.
  • Bookings can be done at Ibercamera and Girona's Auditorium.